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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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66 - 147

(Project/Activity Number)
66 Marketing, Slaughter, and Consumption of Livestock and Meats in the South GA 1961
67 Marketing Practices and Use of Marketing Information by Livestock Producers and Meat Packers in the Southern Region GA 1959
68 Prospective Demand for Milk and Milk Products in the South GA 1959
69 Significance of Mammary Gland Development in Calves as Evaluated by Palpation IN 1959
70 Use of Cotton Fiber Tests by United States Cotton Mills SC 1959
71 Weed Control Equipment and Methods for Mechanized Cotton Production MS 1960
72 Use of Cotton Fiber Tests in Marketing Cotton LA 1960
73 Marketing Poultry Meats in Retail Food Sores in Non-Metropolitan Areas of the South TN 1960
74 Distribuion of Plant Parasitic Nematodes in the South TX 1960
75 Stored Grain Insects and Their Control in the Middle Atlantic States NC 1964
76 Consumption and Demand for Ice Cream in the Urban South GA 1961
77 Meat Choices for Family Meals in Selected Cities - Alabama and Georgia AL 1961
78 Cotton Gin Fires and Insurance Coverage in Cotton Producing Regions, Seasons of 1956-58 GA 1961
79 New Plants for the South - Ten Years of Progress in Plant Introduction and Evaluation, 1949-59 GA 1961
80 Usefulness of Certain Body Measurements for Predicting Milk Production of Dairy Animals TX 1961
81 Breed Crosses with Beef Cattle in the South TX 1962
82 Responses of Southern Urban Homemakers to Newer Forms of Dairy Products MS 1962
83 Hog and Pork Movements in the Southeast TN 1963
84 Milk Movement Patterns in the Southeast GA 1962
85 Sources of Information and Food-Buying Decisions KY 1963
86 Milk Movement Patterns in the Lower Mississippi Valley MS 1963
87 Nutritional Knowledge and Consumer Use of Dairy Products in Urban Areas of the South TX 1963
88 Cost Relationships in High Capacity Cotton Gins AR 1964
89 Southeast Hog-Port Industry: A National Market Competitor NC 1964
90 Occupations and Low-Income Rural People: A Southern Regional Study LA 1963
91 Grain Movement in the South TN 1964
92 Optimum Assembly of Milk Supplies in the Southeast NC 1964
93 Desserts and Snacks used by Families in the Urban South VA 1964
94 Metabolic Patterns in Preadolescent Children. 10: Description of 1962 Study VA 1964
95 Efficiency of Soybean Movements in the South, 1959-60 MS 1964
96 Efficiency of Oats in Movements in the South, 1959-60 NC 1964
97 Grain Receipts in Southern States NC 1964
98 Efficiency of Corn Movements in the South, 1959-60 NC 1964
99 Assembling, Storing, and Ginning Cotton in the Mississippi Delta MO 1964
100 Mechanized Harvesting of Cotton MS 1965
101 Optimum Distribution Patterns of Feeder Cattle from the Southeast NC 1965
102 Procedures Used by State Soil Testing Laboratories in the Southern Region of the United States SC 1965
103 Analysis of Prices of Hogs in the Southeast NC 1965
104 The Effect of Institutional Arrangements Influencing the movement of milk in the South TN 1965
105 Patterns of Fluid Milk Distribution in the Southeast, 1959 and Projected 1975 GA 1965
106 Performance of Sheets made from Low and High Elongation Cottons OK 1965
107 Educational and Vocational Goals of Rural Youth in the South NC 1965
108 Scaling Social Data: A Comparison of Scales Developed Using Various Techniques TN 1965
109 Joint Decision-Making Patterns and Related Factors Among Low Income Rural Families MS 1965
110 Cotton: Supply, Demand and Farm Resource Use AR 1966
111 Sub-Regional Variability of Adjustment Factors of Rural Families in the South NC 1966
112 Labor Efficiency in Broiler Processing Plants in the South TN 1966
113 Homemakers' Response to Poultry Promotion in Retail Food Stores SC 1966
114 Zebu-European as a Basis of Dairy Cattle Improvement in the USA LA 1966
115 Effectiveness of Various Types of Mass Media in Disseminating Information About Vitamin C in Texas and Virginia VA 1966
116 The Labor Force Characteristics of Women in Low-Income Rural Areas of the South LA 1966
117 Teenagers and Milk KY 1966
118 Reproduction of Beef Cattle in the South TN 1966
119 Sheep Research in the Southern Region MS 1966
120 Production, Marketings, Slaughter and Consumption of Livestock and Meats in the South, 1956-64 NC 1966
121 Homemakers' Responses to Direct Advertising KY 1966
122 Resource Use Adjustments in Southern Rice Areas, Part 1: Effects of Price changes with Unrestricted Rice AR 1967
123 Homemakers; Nutritional Knowledge Scores Related to Mass Media Educational Programs and Food-Buying Decisions TX 1967
124 Aspects of the Microclimate at Five Locations in the Southeastern United States TN 1967
125 Cancelled ~ ~
126 How Homemakers in Southern Urban Areas React to Mass Communications Programs about Food Marketing GA 1967
127 Behavioral Types of Southern Homemakers Related to Food Marketing Practices GA 1967
128 Cotton: The Effects of Allotments on Supply and Farm Resource Use OK 1968
129 Metabolic Patterns in Preadolescent Children. Description of 1967 Study VA 1968
130 Chemical, Mineralogical and Engineering Properties of Alabama and Mississippi Black Belt Soils AL 1968
131 Resource Use Adjustments in Southern Rice Areas. Part 2: Effects of Price Changes with Selected Rice Allotment Levels AR 1968
132 Differences Between Cattle and Calf Prices in National and Southern Markets NC 1969
133 Least-Cost Movement Analysis of Slaughter Cattle and Calves with Emphasis on the Southeast VA 1968
134 Cattle and Calf Movement in the South SC 1968
135 Grain Receipts, Shipments and Storage Capacity in the Southern Region SC 1968
136 Educational and Vocational Goals of Urban Youth in the South NC 1968
137 The Southern Rice Industry - An Overview Examination TX 1968
138 Economic Provisions for Old Age of Rural Families in Five Southern States GA 1968
139 Genetics and Cytology of Cotton, 1956-57 TX 1968
140 Resource Requirements for $5,000 Operator's Income in Selected Cotton-Producing Areas of the South SC 1968
141 Estimated Costs and Returns per Acre of Rice and Incomes for Representative Farms in Southern Rice Areas, 1966 Season AR 1968
142 Factors Related to Levels of Living of Rural Households in Low-Income Areas of the South TX 1968
143 Marketing Woody Ornamentals: Practices and Trends of Nurseries in the South AL 1969
144 Southern Food Balances 1964 and 1975 ~ ~
145 Performance of Sheets Made from Cottons of Different Length and Strength OK 1969
146 Planning Data for Marketing Selected Fruits and Vegetables in the South: Part 1 - Canning Handbook NC 1969
147 Hydrologic Data Summaries from Small Agricultural Watersheds in the Southern Region, 1962-1967 SC 1969


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