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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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(Project/Activity Number)
1 The Effects of Maturity, Nitrogen Fertilization, Storage and Cooking on the Ascorbic Acid Content of Two Varieties of Turnip Greens MS 1943
2 Effect of Fertilizer and Environment on the Iron Content of Turnip Greens MS 1944
3 The Effects of Fertilizer Treatments, Curing, Storage, and Cooking on the Carotene and Ascorbic Acid Content of Sweet Potatoes GA 1945
4 Effects of Fertilizer and Environment on the Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron Content of Cowpeas OK 1946
5 Vitamin Studies on Lima Beans VA 1946
6 Effect of Variety, Maturity, Nitrogen Fertilization and Storage on the Ascorbic Acid Content of Turnip Greens MS 1947
7 Family food Consumption in Three Types of Farming Areas of the South. 1. An Analysis of 1947 Food Data MS 1950
8 Cotton Marketing Practices in Selected Communities, 1947-48 MS 1950
9 Father/Son Farm Agreements VA 1951
10 Studies of Sampling Techniques and Chemical Analyses of Vegetables NC 1951
11 Ascorbic Acid, Carotene, and Riboflavin Content of Vegetables as Prepared and Served at Five Southern Land Grant Institutions NC 1951
12 Effects of Different Planting Dates, Bean Maturity, and Location on the Vitamin Contents of Lima Beans VA 1951
13 Current Farm Leasing Practices in Florida FL 1951
14 Farm Housing in the South GA 1951
15 Composition on Southern Peas NC 1951
16 Market Possibilities for Cottonseed Feed Products 0 13 Cotton Mill Areas, 1948-49 TN 1951
17 Marketing Eggs at the Producer Level in Nine Southern States AR 1951
18 Marketing Eggs at the First Buyer Level in Nine Southern States AR 1951
19 Trends in the Production and Disposition of Milk and the Importance of Dairying in the South, 1924-50 MS 1951
20 Family Food Consumption in Three Types of Farming Areas of the South. 2. An Analysis of Weekly Food Records, Late Winter and Early Spring, 1948 SC 1951
21 Rental Arrangements on Tractor and Non-Tractor Farms in the Southern Piedmont SC 1952
22 Consumer Acceptance of Waxed and Colored Potatoes FL 1952
23 Collection Methods in Dietary Surveys - A Comparison of the Food List and Record in Two Farming Areas in the South SC 1952
24 Grade Qualities of Potatoes in Selected retail Stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1950 FL 1952
25 Seasonality of Supply and Utilization of Milk in the South, 1949 MS 1952
26 Livestock Marketing in the Southern Region GA 1952
27 Progress and Potentials in Plant Introduction for the South GA 1955
28 Buying Practices and Procedures of Cotton Mills in Five Southeastern States MS 1952
29 Recent Research on Drying and Storage of Rough Rice TX 1953
30 Effect of Variety, Curing, Storage, and the Time of Planting and Harvesting on the Carotene, Ascorbic Acid, and Moisture Content of Sweet Potatoes Grown in Six Southern States NC 1953
31 Transportation Tests with Early Irish Potatoes from the Southeastern States, 1950 Season VA 1953
32 Reduction of Physical Injuries to Early Irish Potatoes During Digging and Picking Up SC 1953
33 Mechanization of Cotton Production MS 1953
34 Commercial Hatchery Operations in Six Southern States AL 1953
35 Newcastle Disease of Fowls VA 1953
36 Influence of Environment on the Chemical Composition of Plants 1. A Review of Literature TX 1954
37 Effect of Methods of Paying Farmers for Milk on Seasonality of Production in Selected Southern Markets MS 1954
38 Financing Production and Marketing of Broilers in the South Part 1: Dealer Phase AL 1954
39 The Nutritive Value of Collards, Part 1: Effects on Nitrogen Level, Variety, Maturity, and Cooking on Vitamin and Mineral Content, and of Storage on Vitamin Content of Collards; Part 2: Effects of Nitrogen and Lime Levels on Vitamin and Mineral Content and Constituents of Proximate analyses of Collards MS 1954
40 The Operations of Local Cotton Marketing Agencies in Four Major Cotton-Producing Regions, 1949-50 MS 1954
41 Comparisons of One-Variety with Multiple Variety Cotton and Related Economic Considerations OK 1954
42 Influence of Environment on the Chemical Composition of Plants 2. Variations in the Composition of Turnip Greens with Location, Season, and Concomitant Environment PR 1955
43 Prospective Demand for Meat and Livestock in the South USDA 1955
44 Financing Broiler Production by Banks and Production Credit Associations in the South AL 1955
45 Cost of Processing and Distributing Milk in the South MS 1955
46 The Position of Dairying in the South MS 1956
47 Genetics and Cytology of Cotton, 1948-55 TX 1956
48 Marketing Cattle and Calves Through Southern Auctions VA 1957
49 Plant Mechanization of Cotton Production MS 1957
50 Egg Marketing by Commercial Producers in the South LA 1957
51 Cotton Price Relationships in Farmers' Local Markets MO 1957
52 Influence of Environment on the Chemical Composition of Plant 3. Relations of the Composition of Turnip Greens to Soil and Weather Factors NC 1959
53 Consumption and Demand, Fluid Milk and Fluid Milk Substitutes in the Urban South MS 1957
54 Marketing Cattle and Calves through Southern Auction - Analysis of Factors Contributing to price Variation NC 1958
55 Breeding Improvement of Chickens GA 1958
56 Farm Size and Output Research, A Study in Research Methods OK 1958
57 Financing Production and Marketing of Broilers in the South, Part 2. Grower Phase LA 1958
58 Planning Guides for Southern Rural Homes GA 1958
59 Marketing Cattle and Calves Through Southern Actions: Influence of Marketing Conditions and Practices on Prices GA 1959
60 Grain Marketing Problems in the South AR 1958
61 Certain Properties of Selected Southeastern United States Soils and Mineralogical Procedures for their Study VA 1959
62 Use of Cotton Fiber Tests by United States Cotton Shippers AR 1959
63 Summer Climate and its effects on Dairy Cattle in the Southern Region LA 1959
64 Metabolic Patterns in Preadolescents. 1. Description of Metabolic Studies VA 1959
65 Slaughter Cattle Trade on Southern Auctions LA 1959


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