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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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ES - Exp. Station
EXT - Extension
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SERA Information Exchange Groups (IEG)
Southern Region Information Exchange Group for IPM 1991 2022
ES - David Monks, NC
EXT -Tom Melton, NC
Sweet Potato Collaborators Conference  1991 2020 ES - David Monks, NC
EXT - Tom Melton, NC
Methodology, Intepretation, and Implementation of Soil, Plant, Byproduct, and Water Analyses 1991 2022

ES - Nathan McKinney, AR
EXT - Tom O'breza, FL

Competitiveness and Sustainability of the Southern Dairy Industry 1993 2019

ES - Joe West, GA
EXT - Gary Jackson, MS

Organization to Minimize Nutrient Loss from the Landscape 1993 2018

ES - Nathan McKinney, AR
EXT - Paul Mask, AL

SERA018 Rice Technical Workers Group 19932018

ES -Eric Young, NC
EXT - Steve Martin, MS

SERA025  Turf 19962018 ES - John Russin, LA
EXT - Gary Lemme, AL
SERA027  Nursery Crop and Landscape Systems 1997 2022

ES - Sherry Larkin, FL
EXT - Rich Bonanno, NC

Delta Region Farm Management and Agricultural Policy Working Group 2005 2020 ES - Reuben Moore, MS 
EXT -Rick Cartwright, AR
 Public Policy Issues Education 2008   2018

 ES - Lesley Oliver, KY
EXT - Rich Bonanno, NC


 Beef Cattle Production Utilizing Forages in the Southeast to Integrate Research and Extension Programs across State Boundaries: Development of replacement heifers  2009 2019    ES- Phil Elzer, LA
EXT - Mark McCann, GA
 Southern Region Integrated Water Resources Coordinating Committee20132019 ES- Wes Burger, MS
EXT - Saqib Mukhtar, FL

Crop diversification opportunities to enhance the viability of small farms20142019

ES - Lesley Oliver, KY
EXT - Rogers Leonard, LA

Framework for Nutrient Reduction Strategy Collaboration: the Role for Land Grant Universities 20142019ES- Eric Young, NC
EXT - Robin Shepard
 SERA047 Strengthening the Southern Region Extension and Research System to Support Local & Regional Foods Needs and Priorities 2016 2021 ES- Eric Young, NC
EXT - Ed Jones, VA

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