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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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SAC-1 Crops & Soils 8/86 Clarence Watson, AR  cwatson1@uark.edu
SAC-2 Animal Sciences 8/86 4/89 6/00 Bill Brown, TN wfbrown@tennessee.edu Dr. Mike Lacy               University of Georgia  mlacy@uga.edu
SAC-3 Human Sciences Research Administration 6/87    
SAC-4 Food Science & Technology 4/87 Rick Roeder, AR rroeder@uark.edu  
SAC-6 Horticulture 6/87 David Monks, NC david_monks@ncsu.edu Dr. Julia Kornegay               NC State University julia_kornegay@ncsu.edu
SAC-7 Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

8/87 10/01

Reuben Moore, MS         reubenm@mafes.msstate.edu Dr. John Nichols            Texas A&M University jpn@ag.tamu.edu
SAC-11 Plant Pathology 11/88 Craig Nessler, TX  cnessler@tamu.edu
SAC-12 Entomology 11/88 Bill McCutchen, TX bmccutchen@tamu.edu  
SAC-13 Forestry

6/90 6/00

Eric Young, NC  eric_young@ncsu.edu Keith Belli                             Univ of Tennessee   belli@utk.edu

(Joint with NCAC-16

 Agricultural Engineering (Joint with North Central)

Saied Mostaghimi, VT smostagh@vt.edu
Richard Straub, WI rjstraub@wisc.edu


Note: AC-8 (Aquaculture, Fisheries & Wildlife) was disbanded in 2000. Aquaculture component joined with AC-2; Fisheries and Wildlife components joined with AC-13. AC-9 (Rural Sociology) was combined with AC-7 in 2001. AC-10 (Poultry) was combined with AC-2 in 1989. AC-14 (Human Nutrition) was disbanded in 2010.

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