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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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A task force may be established to address a current problem or opportunity that often requires immediate attention. Task forces may also be established to conduct limited studies to define the next course of action or the kind of regional activity needed to address an emerging issue. Task forces are approved for two years and are intended to be focused and circumscribed with the intent of producing an explicitly defined product. If urgency requires, a task force may be established as an interim action by the Chair of the Association. (Task Forces may also be established jointly with Southern Extension Directors).

Initial membership for the Task Force is obtained by the administrative advisor soliciting appointments from individual SAES directors (and Southern Extension Directors in the case of SERAs).

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