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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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All Southern Region activities are required to submit an annual accomplishment report within 60 days following an annual meeting. The accumulated annual reports serve as the basis for reviews and provide a record of the progress made toward the activity?s objectives.

How to submit an Annual Accomplishments Report:

  • For Multistate Research Projects (S), Development Committees (DC), Southern Coordinating Committees (SCC), and Southern Extension and Research Activities (SERA), the Administrative Advisor should submit the report via the National Information Management Support System (NIMSS) using the SAES 422 form. The report will be automatically archived in NIMSS with notification sent to all experiment station and extension directors, CSREES, the activity Administrative Advisor, and all participants listed in NIMSS for this project
  • The responsibility for submitting the annual report rests with the Administrative Advisor (AA). The AA, working with the project's leadership, should ensure that a quality report is submitted by the deadline.
  • For guidance in preparing an effective report, refer to Preparing an Effective SAES-422 Report. This document includes suggestions for preparation of an effective report, a copy of the SAES-422 format, and an example of a good quality annual report.


The annual report is submitted each year of an activity's duration and is due 60 calendar days following the annual meeting.

Annual Report Components:

  • Project or Activity Number: (e.g. S-111, CC-1, SERA-1)
  • Title: Entered automatically by NIMSS after project number is entered.
  • Period Covered: (e.g. 04-2002 through 03-2003)
  • Date of This Report: (e.g. 04-01-2003)
  • Annual Meeting Dates: (e.g. 03-04-2003 - 03-05-2003)
  • Participants: Provide a list of those who attended the annual meeting with their institutions and email address.  For SERAs, also include their primary functional affiliation (e.g. research, extension, or academic programs).  Note project leadership (chair, chair-elect, secretary) for the appropriate members. As an alternative, list the URL for the meeting minutes if that report contains the list of those who were present. If available, include the email address for the project's list serve as well.
  • Brief summary of minutes of annual meeting: Provide information with a focus on the decisions made. As an alternative, list the URL for meeting minutes or include them as an attachment.
  • Accomplishments: In this section focus on intended outputs and outcomes. This information should be built around the activity's milestones, as they were identified in the original proposal. The report should also reflect on the items that stakeholders want to know, or want to see. Also, describe plans for the coming year in no more than one or two short paragraphs.
  • Impact Statements: This section should include at least one statement describing the economic, environmental, health, or social impact of the project?s activity.  Ideally the statement should describe a quantifiable economic, environmental, health, or social change that occurred due, in part, to the project?s activity, including data related to that change.  Frequently this is not possible because the data is not available or the activity is too recent or preliminary to have had a recognizable impact.  In these cases, provide a statement describing potential impact or an anecdote describing a single documented occurrence.
  • Publications: List publications for current year only (with the authors, title, journal series, etc.). If the list exceeds the maximum character limit allowed, an attachment file may be used.

Maintained by: Donna Pearce, Assistant to the Director