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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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SAAESD Fall Meeting

September 20, 2016

Jackson Hole, WY


Participants:  Rick Bennett, KY, Bill Brown, TN, Wes Burger, MS, Jackie Burns, FL, Susan Duncan, VA, Gina Eubanks, LA, Bob Godfrey, VI, Sherry Larkin, FL, Rogers Leonard, LA, Jean-Francois Meullenet, AR, David Monks, NC, Reuben Moore, MS, Saied Mostaghimi, VA, Keith Owens, OK, Rick Roeder, AR, Bob Shulstad, GA, Clarence Watson, AR, and Joe West, GA


Executive Director's Office: Eric Young, SAAESD

Action Items:

 Agenda #

 Actions Taken


Agenda – Add discussion on ESCOP budget - Approved

Fall Meeting Minutes – Approved

Interim Actions - Approved 


SERA Review Requests

S_tempSERA47 proposal - approved    


Nominating Committee Report

Jackie Burns(UFL) was submitted as the committee's nominee for SAAESD Chair-elect, nominations were closed and Jackie was elected by acclamation


Resolutions Committee Report

A resolution of appreciation was read for Dr. John Russin for his role as SAAESD Chair. Resolution was approved by acclamation. 





Item Number

Agenda Item – Presenter



Welcome and Introductions

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Interim Actions –  Bob Godfrey (for John Russin)
    • Appointed Dr. Steve Lommel, NC, as Administrative Advisor for S-1056 "Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Anayysis"

Action taken: 

  • Agenda – Add discussion on ESCOP budget - Approved
  • Fall Meeting Minutes – Approved
  • Interim Actions - Approved



SERA Review Committee Report, Recommendations, and Approval  – Reuben Moore

Action taken:

  • S_tempSERA47 proposal - approved



Multistate Research Committee Report  – Clarence Watson


In meeting report:

  • Directors should not approve travel to a meeting without an authorization
  • Annual reports have to be filed and approved in order to authorize the next meeting



NRSP Review Committee Recommendations and Ballot Preview  – Clarence Watson and Eric Young



Status Reports:

  • Cotton Winter Nursery – Eric Young
    • Still working with ARS to figure out how to sustain coverage of fixed cost for the CWN
    • Now located on leased land with good warehouse, office, and ginning facilities
  • Hypoxia SERA  – Wes Burger and Eric Young
    • Responded to request from HTF for explanation of differing nutrient recommendations in different states
    • Reviewed states’ nutrient strategies
    • Developed publication that explains nutrient management in tile drained systems.
    • EPA incorporated SERA priorities into two recent RFA’s and SERA 46 won both awards
  • Southern Local Foods Initiative   – Eric Young
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems multistate project  – Eric Young



Discussion Items:

  • Feedback from 4th workshop with Southern Academic Program Directors
  • SERA 6 concerns regarding NRCS soil health testing
    • Soil health initiative is causing concerns because NRCS getting into educational programs and requiring their soil tests be used, which are not science based
  • Need for a Southern region water coordinator (research and Extension)
    • Will be a presentation on proposal for regional water coordinator at spring meeting
  • Other issues or concerns



Spring 2017 SAAESD/ASRED Joint Meeting  – Rogers Leonard

Preference for spring meeting tour was an Alligator tour and dinner cruise on river  



Nominating Committee Report – Saied Mostaghimi

 Jackie Burns, FL was put into nomination for SAAESD Chair-elect

Action Items:

  • The nomination was accepted and Jackie Burns, FL was elected chair-elect 2016/2017 and chair 2017/2018. 



Resolutions Committee Report – Rick Roeder

A resolution of appreciation was read for Dr. John Russin for his role as SAAESD Chair.  Resolution was approved by acclamation  



Closing Remarks – Bob Godfrey





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