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Welcome to the website for the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors! This site's purpose is to encourage collaboration among agricultural scientists in the South as well as inform the funders of agricultural research about research priorities, impacts, and status of projects.

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E-Mail Distribution Lists

(E-mail sent through the National address is automatically forwarded to each of the regional addresses.)
Send notification of e-mail address changes, additions, and deletions to address@lyris.nifa.usda.gov.

Group National address Regional addresses
Experiment Station Directors us-aesdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov Southern so-aesdirs@lists.ncsu.edu
North Central ncra_all@lists.wisc.edu
Northeast neradirs@aesop.rutgers.edu
Western w-aesdirs@lists.colostate.edu
Extension Directors us-cesdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov Southern so-cesdirs@lists.ncsu.edu
North Central nc-cesdirs1@lists.uwex.edu
Northeastern ne-cesdirs@umd.edu
Western wedadirectors@lyris.cahnrs.wsu.edu
Administrative Heads us-ahs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov Southern so-ahs@lists.ncsu.edu
North Central nc-ahs1@lists.uwex.edu
Northeastern ne-ahs@umd.edu
Western w-ahs@lists.colostate.edu
Academic Program Groups us-apdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov Southern so-apdirs@lists.ncsu.edu
North Central nc-apdirs1@lists.uwex.edu
Northeastern ne-apdirs@umd.edu
Western w-apdirs@lists.colostate.edu
Administrative Officers  

Southern sabo-l@lists.msstate.edu
North Central nc-admin-officers@ndsuext.nodak.edu
Northeastern ne-csrees-admin-l@cornell.edu
Western w-admin-officers@colostate.edu

1890 Institutions 1890 Research Directors 1890resdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov
1890 Extension Admin. 1890extadms@lyris.nifa.usda.gov
1890 Deans 1890deans@lyris.nifa.usda.gov
1994 Institutions 1994 Tribal Colleges 1994tribal@lyris.nifa.usda.gov
Hispanic Serving Institutions hsi@lyris.nifa.usda.gov
International Program Directors intldirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

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